Monday, March 15, 2004

The weather in Albany could be better: it's overcast and quite less than 20 degrees (OK, but that's COLD for Australia right now!). And it promises to be pretty cloudy here in the southwest for the rest of the week. SAD! But they say it's much like Melbourne here: 4 seasons in a day.

However, we did manage to get out to the BlowHoles at Torndirrup National Park, which were not doing any blowing today since the seas were not that rough. We also saw The Gap and Natural Bridge. It kind of reminded me of my Great Ocean Road trip.

We drove to the wind farm, which was really quite cool. I've never seen a wind farm before, so Jan, Mike and I did the loop walk while Nat stayed in the car, hiding from the cold wind.

At Mt. Clarence, we got a cool 360-view of Albany, Jan as a statue and the surrounding bays.

I've set Jan up to post on my blog now. I'm hoping he doesn't mess it up too badly. Please email him to let him know if he does, though. He's still young and is just learning English, poor dear. He's going to wait to post cause he's really gotta think up something cool to say so that he can be as famous as me. Ha. Good luck.

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