Friday, March 26, 2004

Could my body move into this time zone please?

For goddessakes, I woke up at 4am. I tried to go back to sleep for 2 hours before deciding it was useless and getting up for my morning tea and to start work on my scrapbook.

And now? I'm TIRED.
About as tired as when I arrived in Perth after almost no sleep. When I was falling asleep on my feet. Except now I'm falling asleep at the computer.

Today has been a fixing-computers-day (catchy title, huh?). My dad's computer is being weird, so I've been trying to run ScanDisk and Defrag and I think I've got it working now. Then I had to tweek a few things on my mom's computer at work before going to my doctor's appointment. More work on Dad's computer. Got an x-ray. Got a new Health Card in Barrie (a half-hour away). Returned to do more fiddling with my dad's computer. Picked my mom up at work and now I'm taking a stab at my mom's friend's computer. <poke>

And this weekend, Matt is bringing me MY computer! I can't wait til I get my computer in my hands so I can pet it and give it kisses.

Today, as I was driving around, I remembered some things that I had forgotten to miss about Canada:

  • the radio - ohmygosh, Aussie radio sucks ass
  • Canadian music (somewhat related) - today I heard Sarah McLachlan, Barenaked Ladies AND Our Lady Peace. Heaven!
  • driving standard (manual) with Canadian music blaring on the radio!
  • free health coverage

I found out that stupid people from Holland and the UK can get free Medicare in Australia, but not nice Canadians. What is up with that?!

Equally sadly, it's raining and muddy and there's still snow at the side of the road. In Perth, it is a perfect 24 degrees. Kill Perth. OK, maybe just hurt it a little. Then I won't feel so bad.

Another piece of sad news is that the "handy-man" who's "working" on our bathroom still hasn't finished the shower. I cannot be nice to the man. I feel bad that his wife is sick but, come on, seriously. My parents have only one bathroom. They TOLD him when it had to be done (that was Tuesday). I don't know if you've noticed, but it's Friday night.

It's not done.
So I'm having a shower at a friend's house. (And using their computer. And eating their yummy Pizza Hut which is WAY better in North America than it is in Australia, trust me.) However, perhaps I should ban pizza because I tried on some clothes that I left behind and discovered that they... um, shrunk. Ya, shrunk. Spontaneously, right there in the drawer! Weird.

Good things:

  • My brothers are visiting me tomorrow! (Actually, they're coming so that my dad can help them with their taxes, but I can pretend it's to see me. I might even be able to go shopping with Matt!)
  • I found my yoga tapes
  • At least I have new clothes (and shoes) to wear that I don't have to carry around on my back
  • My cat sleeps at my feet. That's not to say he likes me, but that I'm a convenient prop. Well, at least he lets me pet him. And he's not dead.
  • I chatted online with Jan last night and made a date to do so again tonight! See? Australia's not so far away! It's REAL!
  • I might be able to use my Australian mobile here in Canada with Rogers AND I found out that since I've been away, they've introduced text messaging. YAY!

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