Sunday, March 21, 2004

The caffeine is draining away. Getting sleepy. VERY sleepy.

Tonight they're showing Seabiscuit at the hostel with free popcorn! Sometimes I really love hostels.

I loathe saying goodbye. I loathe the panic of leaving. I'm glad that I gave myself a whole day to get things sorted.

Now I have time to think about those things that were so cool about my trip.

  • Enjoying/making fun of accents and idioms
  • Learning a lot about Aboriginal culture
  • Seeing some lovely beaches
  • Meeting the most amazing people with different life philosophies
  • Making friends from around the world
  • Gaining enough confidence in myself that I truly believe that I can do anything
  • Finding a happy, loving, smiley Cathy inside the stress-box-Cathy that left Canada a year ago
  • Discovering how I like to travel
  • Enjoying the artistic talents of others
  • Trying so many new things (thanks Jan!)
  • Remembering how young I am
  • Seeing/touching all those beautiful that I've only seen in photos
  • Renewing my faith in the human race and life in general

    I guess that kind of makes it all worthwhile, or not? (see point #1)
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