Tuesday, March 30, 2004

It's a sunny, crisp day in Ottawa/Hull and there is still ice/snow on the canal. I'm online at the local library/bibliotheque (where I also read a very interesting article in my favourite magazine, Scientific American). French keyboards are a little different here, so bear with me.

I'm meeting up with Émilie this afternoon, meeting up with her in the Byward Market.

I'm staying with Will here at his place in Hull (just across the river from Ottawa). We drove out yesterday along a beautiful backcounty route. I couldn't believe how scenic it was! Quite a long drive, of course, but I suppose I'm used to driving long distances.

On the drive out, I had several moments of panic when I thought we were on the wrong side of the road. But however bad a driver my brother might be, he's not that bad. I'm still getting used to looking right when I cross the road. And still saying things like "toilet" instead of "bathroom", "washing powder" instead of "laundry detergent", and no one seems to know what a "POM" is.

We had dinner at Will's girlfriend Lisa's house (at the Rounding's house). The Roundings are so nice! Lisa's parents, Anne and Mark, showed me pictures of their trip to St. Maarten, where they stayed in my timeshare. They had lovely photos and really seemed to enjoy it, which made me happy. Sadly, I started to get tired even as they served a yummy fajita dinner.

Of course, the glasses of wine didn't help much.
So, it was off to bed at 9pm, only to awake at 3am!
I repeat: I HATE JETLAG!

I've started wondering if maybe I should move to Ottawa. I'd really like to improve my French. I had the chance to use my French three times while away in Australia/NZ and I was surprised at how much I remembered as well as how much I forgot.

I just keep thinking about where I'm going next and what exciting adventures life has in store for me....

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