Saturday, March 20, 2004

Well, here I am at the Perth airport, waiting for my flight to Sydney.

I can't believe how difficult it is to leave Perth. I've really had a lovely time here. I realize that I probably didn't blog as much as normal, but that just goes to show how much fun I was having. It's usually a bad sign if I'm blogging too much and answering all my emails; it just means I'm not all that happy.

Here in Perth I feel like I have friends. Natalie, Mike, Jan, Jaap, Dave (whom I hung out with today and went cycling in King's Park!) and various other people that I hung out with along the way. I have a warm feeling about the place. I feel like I have a family here and the Witch's Hat is like my home.

Dave was quite surprised by the vibe in the hostel. He couldn't get over how all these random people stayed in a place together and that people TALKED to him while he was waiting for me. And you do that when you travel: you become each other's family because your life is just so transient. We need each other and we're really THERE for each other because we've all experienced the homesickness, the great adventures, the really bad tour guides, the horrible food, the sunburn, the stolen money, the forgotten items of clothing, the hangovers, the tricky holiday romances.

And when at last you feel close to these amazing people that you've met and done all these crazy things together and had a good laugh, you just have to say goodbye again and start all over somewhere else.

Thanks to all the amazing people who served as my family in WA. You made the end of my trip into such a warm fuzzy memory, that I smile even now just to think of it.

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