Monday, March 22, 2004

In Tokyo, land of weird keyboards.

The flight was OK. The hotel is lovely and I am going to have a BATH tonight!! I am really just trying to make Jan jealous here. But I am still pretty excited about the fact that I have my own room with an ensuite bathroom that actually has a BATHTUB in it.

Tomorrow morning I board yet another flight bound for Chicago. Then, something like 14 hours later, I change planes and head to Toronto. There I will finally see my parents and I am SO excited about that now!

Have finally decided to stop being sad about leaving Australia and instead think about how lucky I am/was to meet all the great people here and what a new adventure I am heading towards when I return home. Anything can happen! And I know that I will meet up again with all the truly important people from my trip. So, what is there to be sad about in the end??

Only that I am just slightly terrified that I will no longer fit into my old life. Ya, just that.

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