Thursday, February 26, 2004

So I've been kind of busy. I know, I know, the doctor told me to take it easy. So I did. I was only going to go to this matinee showing of Live Acts on Stage (I know, it sounds dirty).

So I got a ticket and it was an excellent show; a modern telling of the mythology of Orpheus. With a lot of nudity and coarse language - hoorah! The funny thing is, there were plenty of well-muscled near-naked men on stage and I couldn't stop looking at Orpheus (the only bald, clothed one, really) because of his beautiful eyes.

Then I went to the shore and did a walk along the water as the sun set. It was lovey. I did it mostly because it was so hot out and it's much cooler and there's a wind down by the water.

Then I walked to the PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art) and saw an interesting/odd exhibit that I don't think I can explain. Suffice it to say that one piece was a Starship Enterprise bong. Ya.

Had a bad night last night. Couldn't sleep. Felt like crap. Ugh.

Today, I went to the Museum and saw the exhibit "Spin" which showcases a history of WA music. I collected an excellent list of good bands including the Waifs and You Am I. Also saw a really horrible video by a heavy metal band, Allegiance. The song? "Your Death is my Reward." Nice.

Then walked to King's Park to get a lovely view of the city and watch the sunset. And walked back. So nice.

Tomorrow: Fremantle.

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