Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I've sold my NZ SIM card (the card for my mobile phone for NZ) so don't try to call me on it anymore! I was lucky as there were some English girls who were just starting out on their trip. So they now have my phone number.

Jaap and I went to the mechanic to see about his ever-so-slightly-damaged window (it won't roll up/down automatically) and it will probably be expensive to fix it. He's really sad about it, so send him a nice email to cheer him up if you have time. I'm also leaving NZ tomorrow, so on top of his car woes, he'll be sorely missing the sunshine in his life. ;)

But maybe we'll meet up in Western Australia next month. It all depends on if he has money or not.

Tonight I'll meet up with a friend that I used to work with at GE. He's living in Auckland now and it'll be nice to see him one last time and have some bon voyage drinks before I leave tomorrow afternoon for Perth.

I can't believe the time has gone so quickly.
Only one more month before I'm home!

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