Monday, February 23, 2004

It's official. I'm sick.

So sick, my skin hurts.

I probably have the flu or something. Again. I'm just hoping it's not Ross River virus.

All this and my inability to make a decision regarding travel plans means that I'm in Perth for a little while longer. Still not sure how long. I'll probably leave this week and head north.

At least I've met some nice people at my hostel.

My hostel is nice, but unfortunately, the washing machine made my laundry even more dirty than before. It's just not fair!!

At least I don't have an appetite, so I might lose some of the 5kg that I've gained...
Well, one can dream anyway.

Also should mention that poor Jaap is having troubles selling his car. He ran into a wall because he was talking to a pretty girl instead of paying attention to driving (hey, if that's the reason, this should have happened WEEKS ago!). So now his car is even worse off. And someone told him that the car market is full so he can't sell his car there as he'd planned.

The poor guy is absolutely LOST without me!
If anyone has any ideas to help him out, please email him at

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