Saturday, February 07, 2004

Hi everyone

Finally a story from me. This one goes about me so called leprosy. It looks like leprosy, thinks Cathy but it's more a stupid looking skin disease. I first had it on my arm and that was fine with me. But after a couple of days I also got a spot on my face. Horrible.

I kept complaning to cathy about the spot on my face made me so ugly. In the end she said that we have to go to the chemist. The chemist told me that it was a infection/bacteria thing. Bugger

Now after a couple of days with using the creme it's starting to look better. That's what Cath is thinking. It's still looks F@#king horrible.

Also Cath is avoiding me now. I think she can't stand the look of my face anymore.

See ya


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