Saturday, February 21, 2004

OK, have changed hostels and am now at The Witch's Hat, which is nicer, but still not great. It's also a little further away from the city. Oh well, I needed to walk more anyway.

Speaking of which, I'd already done about half of the city walking tour by 9am today. That's what happens when you wake up at 6am. And that's what happens when you go to bed at 10pm and sleep like the dead.

I had a nice, free breakfast, walked around, checking out hostels, checking out of my hostel and into a new one and then came back to the OLD hostel for a second breakfast.

Ha, yes, I'm cheap. But it was also much easier that way.

But I also managed to miss the street performance that I wanted to catch (part of the International Arts Festival going on right now here).

Oh well. I should figure out what I want to do while I'm here in Western Australia. I'm sure the month will pass just as quickly as my month in New Zealand.

Tomorrow, I plan to go to the Freemantle Markets.
Today, maybe I should go out and enjoy the lovely weather (25 degrees and sunny - perfect).

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