Sunday, February 22, 2004

I am in love. With Perth. And Fremantle.

Spent the day in Fremantle. Went to the markets, bought some nice fruit and good bread. Will have strawberry sandwiches for dinner tonight. Sadly, the strawberries aren't as good as the ones Jaap and I picked near Nelson (South Island, NZ). But they'll do.

Also went to the Arts Centre in Fremantle and saw a Tibetan Monk exhibit... in fact watched the Tibetan monk do his sand "paintings". Very cool. Then there was an outdoor concert in the courtyard, so I stayed for that as well. The weather was as near to perfect as there is.

Had some lovely food, enjoyed a busker performance and wandered around the waterfront, looked at the boats, watched the sun going down, walked to The Round House (ya, well, it's old and, um, round) and all over the place and now I'm back in Perth City.

And all it cost me was $3 for the half-hour train trip each way!

But it was weird, not having anyone with me to share it. Still, it meant I could take as long as I wanted in the bathing suit shop (I finally bought myself a new pair of bather-bottoms after losing one-half of my suit in Darwin). And I did enjoy watching people.

I love having time to just reflect.
Sometimes I want to cry for all the beauty in the world.

And apparently, there is some insect here that is in love with me. It can't keeps it's jaws off me and is leaving huge angry, itchy welts all over my body. Goodness, I wish I weren't so sweet!

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