Saturday, February 28, 2004


Somedays I love being me. Today, it's because I treated myself to a half day at the spa! I was plucked, cleansed, steamed, buffed and polished, moisturized and massaged. It was the greatest.

I was so relaxed, I nearly fell asleep! And it was all quite cheap, too!

The YHA in Freo is a little, shall we say, worn and it seems that everyone there smokes and all the cigarette smokes blows into the main part of the hostel and it stinks. However, I have met some really interesting people and I'm relatively happy, despite initial disappointment.

I met the girl who runs the same AIDS art exhibit that I saw in Perth. And a woman in my room held court last night about how women allow men to treat them badly, and how they need to let men understand their boundaries early on, so that it sets the standard for their relationship. Otherwise, when they are allowed to treat a woman horribly, they lose respect for them.

I am guilty of allowing past boyfriends to walk all over me, for sure, but I'm trying to be better. I'm trying to tell people when they hurt my feelings. It's a difficult thing to do sometimes, but clearly necessary as they often do not know when they've done it. It's one of those things that has begun to change in me and I hope that I can carry it home with me.

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