Tuesday, February 17, 2004

OK, I've been away in Whitianga, in The Coromandel, where Internet access is extravagantly expensive.

We stayed at The Cat's Pyjamas and thankfully stayed in the hostel instead of in the tent, as it poured. And the hostel had all sorts of jigsaw puzzles, so Jaap and I made three puzzles during our stay. (I love puzzles!)

We managed to get to Hot Water Beach early enough on Monday to get our own perfect spot to dig in the sand. The trick is, you find a spot and dig down to the water and the water is geothermically heated in certain places. So we had our own little "spa" (that's what they call a hottub here).

It started to get annoying when all the other tourists who arrived later (you have to catch it at the right tide times) wanted to jump in our little pool.

"Is it really hot?" they asked, dipping their feet in and destroying our walls of sand.
Sigh. Shocking.

So we left after a couple of hours and went Bone Carving where I carved my own fish hook pendant. Actually, I did two carvings, but the other is a surprise.

We were going to leave the next day, but the weather was so great (for once) that we decided to go to Cathedral Cove with our new friend, Kim. It's only a short drive and walk down to the beach and it was just breathtaking. So was the water, it was that cold!

We ended up going out last night with people from the Magic Bus and of course I drank too much and now I have a horrible hangover and it's all Jaap's fault. I was so sick this morning, that I missed the entire scenic drive from Whitianga to Auckland, curled up on the back seat. To get back at him, I broke his car window. HA, take that!

Thankfully, Burger King heals all wounds.
Now we're staying in a LOVELY hostel, Bamber House. It's like staying in someone's home. Someone's very CLEAN home, mind you.

So I'm happy again. Burger King, nice place and cheap internet. Yay!

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