Monday, February 23, 2004

33 degrees.

Yep, I'm sweating. The trick is to wear as little as possible without having people stare at you.

The bright sun here makes everything seem so much brighter. The flowers shriek the colours against the white stone fences. And the sky seems so much bigger here. Perhaps it is the unending impossible blue.

I have been to the doctor who told me I should not do anything for a week. Just sleep, eat good, wholesome food, and relax. So I've been looking up things to do during my relaxation week here in Perth so that I won't get bored. The problem is that I don't have anyone to do these fun things with. Which makes it all a little bit more boring.

Yesterday I went to the Art Gallery for an hour. It was all my exhausted legs could handle. Some really great exhibits on at the moment. And air conditioned.

This afternoon? The Cinema and maybe the museum.
I've had lots of sleep, so maybe I can make it through the afternoon if I don't go too far...

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