Saturday, December 09, 2006

Last night, I went on a date. It was nice.

I got picked up from work. We drove to the Beach (southeast Toronto) and tried a new restaurant: Green Eggplant on Queen East, which is a family-style Italian restaurant that's so new I can't find it on the web yet. I really liked it (especially the baba ganoush!). It was laid back, very clean and comfortable and not too loud, outstanding service with reasonable prices and serving sizes. My lobster-giant prawn angel hair pasta was amazing too.

We talked. We laughed. It was like a date when you're thinking, "I'd like to see this guy again" only he's already your boyfriend.

Then we went to the movies -- arriving a bit early so we could relax and read some movie magazines and chat. We saw Stranger than Fiction and I totally loved it. It was so different and Will Ferrell, whom I normally quite dislike in movies. He played a good straight character.

And then we came home.
I sat in my dark kitchen for a bit, just enjoying the dark and the quiet before going to bed and realized that I really like the dark and the quiet very much. I get a very strong sense of calm from them.

Maybe that's why I like my weekend mornings.

I always wake up first. I make my decaf coffee. I sip and read or write or type. I plan my day.

I speak to no one.

And I love the luxuriousness of it.

Is it odd that I really enjoy quiet simple moments so much? Perhaps that's why I'm having difficulty adjusting to having another intrude on my silence and stillness.

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