Monday, December 18, 2006

It's been an interesting day on the web. Check out the things that I've checked out today:

  • - very cool social music site. Listen to music and it learns what you like and creates a profile that you can share with people who have similar music tastes and makes recommendations on what else you’d like. You can connect what you’ve played to your blog so that it has a recommended songlist updated automatically. Nice. But I couldn't get it to work for some reason. Maybe because I'm on a Mac.
  • MyBlogLog - find out who's reading your blog (not just what part of the country they're from, but WHO these people really are) by having them join a social community where they can meet each other. I mean, they obviously have something in common if they're all reading your blog, right? It's better than setting up an entirely separate blog through MySpace or MSN Live Spaces or whatever, just to have the community aspect of it. Although, I've done that too, but that's mostly because I'm a geek and want to try everything out. ;)
  • Sacha Chua's website - tech evangelist - I met her at a CATA WIT event that I organized last week. Very interesting girl - I didn't know that a tech evangelist is just someone who's really excited about tech and tries to match people with the right technology for their lives.
  • - I already knew about this social events calendar, but Sacha reminded me about it. And so I visited again and was impressed by the interesting events that are happening in Toronto in the next while. I love events. As long as they're not expensive.
  • ZeroFootPrint - they're going to be at GreenCamp in February. I love their site with enviro events, marketplace, blog and news, plus they have a TONNE of Canadian advisors.

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