Sunday, December 31, 2006

Came home from Christmas at my parents' place last night to a house full of wonderful changes:

  • the cove molding was done
  • pictures had been put up
  • there was a HEPA filter in our room
  • the wardrobe had handles on it
  • the wardrobe had its lights installed
  • the place was clean

    It was so nice to come home to. What a surprise!

    And that's not even my Christmas present, apparently.

    We have yet to have our private Christmas here at our house. And we certainly won't be doing that tonight. Tonight, Alex is playing at the Madison and we figured that since he'd be playing, we wouldn't have much together-time, so instead I'm going to visit my friends in Oakville for NYE!

    It's going to be a nice dinner and a good movie and I'm very excited. My dad and I were talking about this phenomenon on the way home last night: we just aren't interested in going to a noisy bar to drink our faces off. We're really just interested in a nice evening with friends and loved ones.

    Sounds cheesey, but this fits my bill.

    Happy New Year!
    Hope you celebrate in a way that fits your bill too.
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