Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Cathy Style
Christmas Cathy Style
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Last night was our company Christmas party. What a blast! It was at the Academy of Spherical Arts (a fantastic pool hall/event facility in Liberty Village) and, aside from really bad swordfish (all dried out), the evening was a great success!

Santa even came and read out some holiday wishes from all of us to our CEO. We love her and she got all embarrassed.

I stayed late, finishing off all the open bottles of wine, with two others after everyone else had left. We talked about the company - what's going on now, the history and the future.

It was great - I got a lot of fantastic feedback from everyone that they had a good time, which is all I need to feel really good about the whole thing.

Too bad I suck at sleeping and still woke up early, despite thinking I'd just sleep in after going to bed so late. Oi, I wish I had normal sleeping abilities.

So now I await Raye's arrival from Halifax so we can go out for a nice gossipy dinner and then head to my place for much needed sleep. My brother will arrive to sleep at my place tonight as well and then he'll drive us to grandma's house for our first stop on the family Christmas circuit. Fun!

PS: today I am wearing my pretty new brown boots (which I bought on SALE!).

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