Monday, December 04, 2006

It is done.

I conquered the attic.

Saturday, I dropped my mom and dad off at the airport and off they went to stay in my timeshare in St. Martin. I took the car and went to Home Depot and bought a crap-load of 9.5inch, 31-R pink insulation for the attic.

Got it home and moved the furniture in our bedroom away from the closet's attic trap-door. Nick, my brother-in-law, arrived in time to help us get one thing down the stairs. Nick is awesome - I am just so thankful that he came, it was SO nice of him!

He also brought gifts of respirators, Tyvek coveralls and gloves. Best of all, he helped us. He helped me figure out how to put the respirator on safely. I got taped into my suit, put up my hood and strapped on the face mask. I have a photo - or he does - somewhere.

I climbed up through that tiny opening, put down boards across the joists so that I could walk/crawl across them without causing the ceiling to sag and raked out the hills of vermiculite. I immediately saw the dust-vapour rising. The hatch closed and all I had was the light of a lamp and a flashlight. Creepy.

And you can't stand up straight in my attic. So I crab-walked for the next 3 hours over 2x8s, laying down insulation in near-darkness in an asbestos-filled attic.

What was I thinking?

It got hot FAST. I was soaked. I had to stop to catch my breath a lot. I swore a LOT. I almost cried.

But I got it DONE.

I am strong, I am invincible - I am WOMAN!

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