Friday, May 12, 2006

This morning, on the way to work, I saw a girl walk down Wellesley and literally throw two full newspapers on the ground just as she was passing a garbage bin.

I was so shocked. I mean, who DOES that?

So, I picked up the newspapers, saying something snotty out loud that I'm sure she didn't hear and stuffed them in the bin, throwing a dirty look at her retreating back.

I was so close to tapping her on the shoulder and telling her:
"Excuse me, please don't threw garbage on the ground in my city. That's disgusting."

Yes, I said my city. I live here. Maybe she does too.
I, on the other hand, take pride in my city and don't believe I live in a giant garbage dump.

I think I'm my mother's daughter that way: she is well-known for picking up garbage on her daily runs. She could tell you ridiculous stories about the weird stuff she has found at the side of the road.

Stop being lazy. Stop ruining the landscape for everyone. STOP THE LITTER!

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