Saturday, May 13, 2006

Day One in Halifax

Episodes of Lost watched: 8
Episodes of Lost loved: 9 (it's all about the anticipation!)
Episodes of Lost left to watch: 16
Dairy Queen Blizzards eaten: 1
Clothing items bought: 2
Conversations with Raye: 100
Pages of Harry Potter read: 19

I'm a little tired. Listening to the Swordfish album, finishing up my drink, offering advice to Raye as she gets ready to go out.

She's already let me borrow her necklace for the evening. I'm really going to try not to drink too much on our one night out so that I don't get a migraine. I have only remembered to bring ONE migraine tablet. Yes, I know: I've already chastised myself.

So far, this has been great. Halifax is cute. Seeing Raye is even better.

Don't tell Alex I miss him. He doesn't read this blog anyway.

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Unknown said...

I forgot to mention that we rented the entire first season of Lost on the way home from the airport.