Friday, May 12, 2006

I came home a little late from work last night to find a clean, orderly apartment!

And there was Alex sitting on the couch, as pleased as anything. It was so cute. Hugs, all around.

Somehow, he'd managed to put his old, broken TV out to the trash all by himself. That thing weighed about 700 pounds.

The new TV is perched on its milk crate platform, awaiting Rogers to come restore cable access to our abode. I nearly choked when I found out how much PVR cable is. But, what do I care if I don't have to pay for it?

So I packed.
OI, do I ever HATE packing!

Of course, it got me all stressed out. By the time I finally sat down to work on Anita's site, it was late and I was exhausted. My brain was just not functioning.

So I made the tough decision: the updates would have to wait until I got back from vacation. Sigh. I hate disappointing people.

Alex tried to reassure me about the trip so that I could get to sleep: he reminded me that whether I forgot something or not, I could always buy it there. At worst, he could Fedex me anything I really needed.

He's good for me.

And finally I dropped off to sleep, only to awake early, my stomach butterflies already up and at 'em. Grr.

I'm web-checked in, I've printed the Airport Express schedule, and I've already sent out all my vacation notices. No worries, right?

So why won't my blood pressure calm the hell down?

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