Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Day Five in Halifax

Did you know that the Halifax Citadel is the number one most-visited historical tourist spot in Canada? True story.

Today, I joined the ranks.

I was there for the changing of the guard and a free tour and a movie and I talked to the School Master who was excellent and I spoke with the off-duty guards. Actually, one of the off-duty guards was very cute and spoke very knowledgeably. The other one was clearly nervous and broke the spell for me that they weren't really soldiers. It was kind of darling. He must be a new recruit.

I should really upload a photo of this while I'm writing about it, but I forgot to bring my cord. I'll ask Raye if she has one later...

Anyway, for a 3D tour of the
And if you want to know more about the events going on at the Citadel, have a look here:

Now that I'm seeing it, I wonder if maybe I shouldn't have waited to go for a Ghost Walk there. I'm sure that would have been interesting.

I spent 2 hours there and could have spent more, actually. They have a very good museum in there. It's interesting that they had such an elaborate, expensive defense system that took so long to build and it never had to defend itself once. It only saw action as a training ground and holding cells for prisoners of war, apparently.

A worthwhile place to visit if you ever get to Halifax.

I also found another pretty worthy coffee shop in the nearby Barrington Place pedestrian mall: Sam's Macchiato. Not as good as Cafe Ristretto, but definitely worth a go.

Number of Lost episodes watched: 5.
Number left to go: 2
I'm so excited to see what happens!

Amount of chocolate eaten: sickening.

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