Sunday, May 28, 2006

First of all, let's just get it straight that I love the Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard at DQ.

As many of you know, I used to work at the Dairy Queen when I was in high school. Wow, sometimes that job really sucked. BUT, I did learn an appreciation of the soft serve. And, you know what? I think it also taught me how to be clean.

Anyway, I'd been thinking about having this blizzard all day.

I woke up early - well, 8:30am on a weekend is early enough - and got some business out of the way. (I've been working on some updates to my friend Anita's website.) Of course, I sipped my coffee while I agonized for a couple of hours.

I made some breakfast - my standard bacon n egger bagelwich.

I ate it because I really didn't want to give in to the blizzard craving. I grabbed my book and my magazine and walked to the park with my water bottle for an afternoon in the sun.

It was a gorgeous day - not too hot, but warm enough to wear one of my favourite summer dresses.

I finished my book and read the entire magazine (Wish - although I think I don't like it as much as I liked LouLou, my Canadian shopping magazine.

All the kids were out playing soccer and baseball, older folks were walking their dogs and some young parents were out playing frisbee while their baby dozed in its stroller.

And after watching a few birds play around in the bird bath, I figured it was time to go. On the way home, I passed the library and I realized it was the perfect time to pick up a new book. So I picked up Away by Jane Urquhart. I've never read anything by her before, so I wanted to see what she's like.

But by the time I got out of the library, my stomach was almost literally itching for that blizzard. So I broke down and bought one. I wasn't dissappointed - the pecans are the best part, but the brownie chunks and the chocolate fudge mixed in? Mm! - even though the ice milk melted a little too quickly for my liking.

And I thought: what a nice day.

And then I had to go home because I have to do some laundry and some cleaning and make some rhubarb crisp (another favourite thing). And my apartment is quiet. Blissfully quiet. Except for the hum of my computer and the occasional bird chirp.

Oh crap, and there go the sirens. Toronto's just so peaceful, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Gee your day sounds great! after church I cleaned both cars inside (once a year), made rhubarb jam ( who does that @ 33 celcius?),did up the pumpkin, ironed, made supper stuff for the week, and swam 16 laps which caused the fuschia dye #3 on my neck to finally disappear. All day I said " self, take a day to sit & read" However, I am not scouring the land for my loved ones as they are in Indonesia, so why AM I whining?