Friday, May 19, 2006

Day Six and Seven in Halifax

Yesterday, I read my Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants book (it's actually Raye's book, so I need to finish it before I leave) and watched two of her movies: Wimbledon (seriously, don't bother) and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (pretty cool, but not exactly high art).

Refreshed, I managed to finally get out the door in time to get to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia - they're open late on Thursdays - and see the Maud Lewis exhibit. She was a very well-known Nova Scotian folk artist who painted almost every inch of her 9.5x10-ft house. The house is preserved within the gallery. That's all I really wanted to see.

I also stayed to listen to a jazz band play in the atrium for their Art After Hours event. It was great - but I almost forgot that I had tickets to another friend's dinner-theatre show: Cape Breton Idle. It was an old friend from university. The show was pretty good, the food was pretty good.

But you know, I keep hearing about how friendly people are here, but I just don't see it. I find people at least as unfriendly as Toronto.

I walked home, walking another couple to their destination on my way home because they were a little lost. I just stopped and asked if they needed help and they happened to be going my way. Ha! I'm already a tour guide!

When I got home, poor Raye wasn't feeling well, but managed to get in the last 2 episodes of Lost, Season One. Seriously, that is a friggin great show. CREEPY. But I'm starting to be able to call it.

So now I'm getting ready for the day. I'll call my friend Sarah, who was in the show last night and we'll meet up for coffee. I'll stop by the grocery store on my way home and pick up snacks. Then Raye will be home around 2pm and we'll embark on our big long-weekend road trip! If you want to know our plans for where we're going, have a look here:

Happy long weekend!

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