Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Do you know how long it's been since I talked to Heather?

Well, it's been an embarassingly long time.

We finally caught up last night. And did it ever feel good to talk. It's odd -- what with her living out in Vancouver and us not actually communicating much -- it's surprising that we would connect again so easily.

It's just so easy talking to her. She seems to GET it. And that's a really nice feeling.

I guess she reads my blog and says that I seem to always be doing something. I suppose she's right:

  • Monday, I visited Anita and went for a nice long walk and ate leftovers from her boyfriend's birthday party.
  • Last night, I walked home and set aside for Iris (see my last post) and talking to Heather.
  • Tonight, I'm getting together with Jess and making her dinner (I say "making" but I will likely be serving the latest MaRS-special.
  • Tomorrow night, I'm going to see a documentary that's part of HotDocs, the Toronto documentary festival, with Sarah and Sharon
  • Friday I have 2 parties to go to: one bon voyage party for a beach vball friend and one YAY-new-job party for a former coworker.
  • The weekend, I suspect, will be dedicated to helping Alex move into my apartment.


But I LIKE being busy. When I'm NOT busy, I make myself busy. Then I don't feel lonely or bored. I feel exciting and productive.

This is the me that I like.

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