Saturday, May 01, 2004

Just woke up to a call from Australia! I love it when people call me! I LOVE my mobile! LOVE LOVE LOVE. How did I EVER live without one?

I woke up confused, however, because I stayed at Tree's house last night after a big night out at the bar.

My mom had visited me in Aurora yesterday for lunch and so I could sign my taxes (my dad did them; he's the smartest!). Mom drove me downtown via a circuitous route, as we were looking at places for sublet. She dropped me at my friend Anita's house. Anita's a great photographer whom I lived with in university for three years. She's looking so amazing! It was so nice to talk to her.

Then I went to the Infinet going-away party for JT. I can't believe I hired him so many years ago! He's going freelance now, which is a brave move. Of course I talked to lots of other Infinauts about what's going on in their lives, too. I became the blabbering idiot, as always! God, I need to stop doing that!

Tree convinced me to go out to the Phoenix, a nightclub we used to go to when we were in university. I have no money, but at least there was no cover charge and I figured I could just dance the night away instead of drinking my face off. I did both.

I keep forgetting how much I love dancing. And how much I hate it when people try to touch me on the dance floor. Ew. Tree actually decked a guy who grabbed her ass. I laughed guiltily as he fell to the floor. Why do guys do that?

We ended up home at something like 3am and I fell into bed. I mean, there was no way I could get back to Aurora at that time. But this all brings us back to me waking up to my phone ringing, confused. With make up smudged under my eyes and my hair the most wild and curly ever. (Well, except for the time when... uh, nevermind.)

And now I'm sitting listening to the sound of kids shrieking and parents cheering and whistles blowing over in the park, wishing I could join them, but realizing that I have no clothes. Hm. Time to go home! I hope the Go Bus driver doesn't notice how amazing my hair is this morning...

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