Sunday, May 09, 2004

This morning, I woke up from a luxurious sleep in my amazing bed at home to the sound of chirping birds outside. Not a bone ached. I was loathe to get up, all comfy and cuddly as I was. If I could hug my bed, I would have.

I did finally get up and had breakfast with my parents as their cat stretched out on my lap. While they went to church, I took a leisurely shower in their newly renovated bright, beautiful bathroom. As I rinsed the shampoo from my hair, I watched a robin fluffing its feathers on a fir tree just outside the window.

I made a lunch of pancakes with banana-caramel sauce for us before taking a walk with my dad around the 2.5 acres of our property, looking at all the cherry, apple and walnut trees coming up, at all of the old maple trees that I used to climb that have now died and been turned into piles of firewood. We checked out all the flowers blooming and the rhubarb shooting up and talked about what to do with the now-empty acres of pastureland in the back, swathes of bright green mowed grass.

God, why do I live in the city?

And, in fact, I will move into my new apartment at Bayview and Sheppard at the end of this month. Yesterday, I signed my agreement and handed over first-and-last month's rent to my new roommate, Robyn.

And tomorrow I start my new job as a web project manager.

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