Thursday, May 06, 2004

OK, someone listened to me about the weather. Today is nice and sunny and supposed to be upwards of 20 degrees, at least!

Had a lovely dinner with Jane last night. She's so great; she totally calmed me down about finding a place to live. You know, sometimes you just need a little perspective and someone to just tell you what to do. Thanks, Jane!

However, I DO think Jane herself needs a little perspective. She's always so stressed out at work. I can't imagine what that does to her quality of life. I suppose that's a choice you make. I find I'm much happier when I don't allow my job to take over my life.

Have had such an interesting conversation with Richard this morning (I'm working at his house this week, freelance). All about life and one's path through it: figuring out what brings you satisfaction, about relationships and about finding peace within yourself.

I'm a sucker for philosophical discussions.

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