Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Another night of beach volleyball, another night of gold medal whoop-ass.

Yes, we won all our games!
Yes, we won one of them 25-6.
Yes, we're in the B-league (ahem).

Still, we have fun!
I'm really quite bad and try to make up for it by being the most fun. I try to keep our mind's off the times when we might be sucking and celebrate when we're really cleaning up. I try to keep it light and maybe a bit ridiculous.

After the games, we all go out to the pub and make merry. Last week, I legitimately forgot my wallet. This time, I left it at home in an effort to be able to pay back my mom someday soon. I figured I would eat when I got home. But I was all about the socializing bit.

Even so, everyone else gave me a couple fries here, a chicken wing there, a scrumptious tidbit of ribs, the left-over coleslaw. And suddenly, I felt like I'd eaten TWO meals!

Picked up a new boyfriend at the pub. He's a server there and he doesn't exactly KNOW he's my boyfriend yet, but that's not really important. When it comes to boyfriends, sometimes it's best that they don't know; otherwise, they have a tendency to mess it up.

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