Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Well, I finally had to say no to going out after volleyball! It was a sad moment, and I'm sure everyone involved shed a tear, but I just had to start writing my marketing plan for my class tomorrow night.

Yes, you read correctly:
I'm writing my whole marketing plan tonight and presenting it in class tomorrow night.

And YES, it will be DAMN good!

I had a lot of fun at volleyball. I mean, OK, I hurt my back again, but it hurt much later in the game than last time. And I really think my reflexes are improving. A little. Or maybe people are just getting more appreciative when I finally manage to HIT the ball...

Regardless, I left work all stressed out and I returned home all but relaxed.

I had a moment on the bus ride to Ashbridges Bay Park, where we play on the beach. I was thinking of Australia. Thinking of David and how he calls me "Miss Bogaart" and his sad little smile when I was being odd. Thinking of Seph (a GE coworker) and his small head, cute accent and sweet freckles. Seph, who's reportedly got a crush on a girl at work but can't get up the courage to ask her out. Seph, who couldn't seem to stop having sex with his Japanese roommate, even though he didn't really fancy her. I thougt of Jan and an evening on the beach in Bunbury, looking for satellites. Sigh... I could hear their voices, almost see everything right there in front of me, taste the air.

When it all seems so far away, I can put myself there in a minute and the rest of the world just falls away...

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