Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Goodness, has it really been THAT long since I last posted a blog? I am totally fired from my own site!

Seriously, what happened?!

Well, in my defence, I got a bunch of projects at work, so now I'm busy busy project managing the heck out of 'em. So far, so good.

AND I only had ONE cup of tea today!
That just goes to show you how busy I was. Lately, I've been a 3-4 cup girl, and even was mixin' it up with some coffee at work. Those were desperate times, I tell ya!

This weekend, I move into my new place at Bayview and Sheppard! Originally, since it IS the May 2-4 long weekend, I was going to go to Ottawa. But the gods were against me and alas, it is just NOT going to happen. Which is probably for the best, as I feel like I really need to just relax and do all the errands that I've been meaning to do (like cut my hair, for goddessakes!) and get together with my friends again.

I love my friends.
Had a BBQ last weekend with Scott and Kat of RaptorBlog fame. Everything was perfect: the weather, the Lick's burgers, the margueritas, the company. I felt very suburban.

Managed to get together with Tanya on Monday. It was such a nice night. We just walked around the Beaches area, even sat on the pier. Had a great talk.

It's amazing how you can be away from someone for so long, get back together and it's just like old times after about 2 minutes. I guess that's what friendship is all about. To be fair, it has a lot to do with me and the better mood that I'm in these days. I'm in love with the world....

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