Sunday, April 06, 2008

She's a girl!

Oh my goodness, I'm an aunt!

She was born somewhere around 5:30pm today. 6lbs, 8oz.

When I saw her in Kendra's arm, all bundled up like a cocoon, I totally lost it. I just overflowed with emotion. I didn't think that I would be like that.

But she's just a wee peanut. Perfect little face with a sweet little puckered up mouth. Long, thin fingers with little tiny fingernails. She was sleeping when I held her and she made those little sighing gurgling sounds that babies make when they're settling in. Her fingers were moving as she slept. Her eyes fluttered open for the barest of seconds. Blue eyes, for now. And a wisp of dark hair.


Kendra was so tired, poor thing. And Matt was proud and excited. Mom bawled and hugged the baby to her. "She's just perfect!" And if you know my mom, it's not like her to emote like that. As soon as she gave the baby back, she jumped up and jumped around the room in excitement. Even my dad got all teary.

It was just an amazing moment. I didn't want to let go.

I just want to be there and be the most important thing to that baby and I have to keep reminding myself: it's not MY baby. But I'm already in love.

Aunt Cathy.


Unknown said...

In case you're part of Facebook, you should log in and see the pictures of the baby posted on my profile by Nick, Kendra's brother.

Sara Desjardins said...

Hey Aunt Cathy....what's your niece's name??? :D