Saturday, April 26, 2008

Great night. Time for sleep.

What a great night I had. After the conference (yay, it's over!) I checked into my new hotel which is definitely not as generic as the Westin. It's more... old and cute. Pickwick. Even the name is cute. It helps that it's significantly cheaper.

Anyway, free internet, yay!
And it was a nice day out so after getting settled, I walked north to Powell Street where the old cable cars run and over to Union Square. There, I ordered a latte at Le Caffe and it was really quite a nice coffee. And I sat and read my tourist information booklet cover to cover and made notes on where I want to go tomorrow. There are a lot of bullet points in my list.

On my way back to my hotel I stopped in at Victoria's Secret. Bad idea. It's so awesome, the stuff they have there. I want a lot of it. But I can't have it all. For one thing, it won't all fit in my suitcase. So I couldn't decide on WHAT. So I ended up buying nothing before rushing back to my hotel to meet up with my friend, Michael.

Michael took me over to "the Mission," an area in San Fran known for its latino population, and specifically to a Senegalese restaurant, Bissap Baobab which was wonderful. And they all knew my friend Michael. In fact, it seems EVERYONE knows him. He's just one of those people.

After dinner we went next door to ChaChaCha, a great old Irish pub where, again, he knows the staff. We had some drinks and talked about the next phase of my life and what I've learned from teaching. I realize now that I think we talked about me. This is very selfish of me and I am mentally apologizing to him for that.

Then we went to Little Baobab, affiliated with the first restaurant where the owner and his friend were DJing a mix of world music, I don't know what to call it. There was some salsa and some reggae-like and a pop song and some other music that had a good beat but wasn't in English. It was fun but I was TIRED.

Sadly, I had to leave. So we took the bus back to my hotel and now here I am, just waiting to crash.

And so excited about my day out and about tomorrow.

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