Tuesday, April 22, 2008

San fran so far...

  • starbucks cups are different (black writing, not green)
  • they don't know what a London Fog is
  • vanilla earl grey tea mistos are cheaper here
  • the weather is pretty good, but not AS good as yesterday in Toronto
  • I already have 2 fun get togethers set up with friends here!
  • I love free internet access - though, what did I think would happen at a Web 2.0 conference?
  • no free breakfast. Good thing I got starbucks. too bad my London Fog didn't taste as good as usual :(
  • nice hotel (Westin) but expensive internet access. boo! but a bath robe. YAY!
  • can't wait to really walk around and see some stuff and eat good food.
  • now I'm going to start listening to my session...

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Also, I missed Cdn Starbucks' free drink courtesy of Earth Day.

AND they don't have enough power outlets at the conference centre. BY FAR. Like, none. I think someone should have thought about that when they thought about organizing a conference for a bunch of people with laptops who want to live blog everything. Sheesh.