Friday, April 25, 2008

fake steve jobs

fake steve jobs
Shockingly (or not), fake steve jobs is really funny. Why am I surprised? Mostly, just at WHAT he was so funny ABOUT.

At a Web 2.0 conference he made fun of blogging, blogs, Facebook, twitter and pretty much anything social-media-related as being a waste of time. And the best part is that we loved it.

We loved being told that the essence of our lives is really unimportant and probably a bubble that's about to burst. That the self-important "idols" of this movement who are professing to be "changing the world" are really ridiculous egomaniacs.

But our media is changing and he acknowledged that. "It's like being able to talk to the cartoonist after seeing the cartoon and sending him ideas for his next cartoon and then seeing it in the paper the next day." It's interactive (duh) and it's fun and it's addictive.

And I still love what I do.
Even though fake steve jobs just told me I'm pretty useless. But he made me laugh when he said it, so it's all OK.

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