Thursday, April 24, 2008

More from San Fran

Yerba Buena Gardens
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So what have I done in San Fran?

  • visited Walgreen's where they did NOT have extra strength ibuprofen at all
  • eaten at Monk's Kettle (Market and Valencia, around the 16th St BART Station, for those in the know) which has excellent cheese and other local ingredients
  • saw the Yerba Buena gardens
  • had frustrating times at the conference and an interesting conversation
  • walked the show floor almost aimlessly before realizing I had to plan it out before going in there again unless it was just to get another piece of chocolate
  • didn't go to Starbucks today
  • went to the launch of a new alternative newspaper for San Francisco at the California Historical Society where I had a lovely glass of chardonnay
  • ate Thai food with a friend (mmm, curried sea bass!)
  • walked around the Palace Hotel - gorgeous
  • decided to try the coffee at Peet's - a local Starbucks competitor!
A big, tiring day. Time for sleep.

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