Friday, April 11, 2008

Life and taxes

So what do you do on a Friday night?

Me? I work late (albeit on a very interesting blog topic - did you know that next week is Idea Week, which culminates in Creativity and Innovation Day on April 21st? Well now you know! And the blog will be live on Tuesday next week, although another author will be credited instead of me.)

Then I bury my nose in my cheesey historical fiction book on the subway. Walk home to warm up yummy leftovers from last night's cook-a-thon (another risotto dish made correctly this time with salmon in a white wine and herb seasoning). Then fire up the crappy chugging computer to finish and eFile my taxes while listening to Star Trek: TNG in the background, yearning to get back to my cheesey novel.

Call my handyman to make sure he's coming over tomorrow.

Yep. I'm cool.

Tomorrow, though, is a big day. Starbucks. Handyman supervising. Gardening if it's not too rainy. Some furniture moving if the stars are in alignment. More cooking. And then time to watch the last episodes of Battlestar Galactica Season 3 so that I can be caught up with the rest of the world. And Sunday? Off to visit my niece, Freya.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't heard, we have a name!
Freya Tanis.

Well, at least we can stop calling her "The baby formerly known as the tapeworm."

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