Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Royal

Me, mom and dad at the Royal Agricultural Winter fair this weekend. My brother Matt took this awesome photo and, by some freak chance, we weren't making stupid faces or talking.

It was such a great day. Lots of interesting nerdy stuff to do and learn. A family that nerds-it-up together, stays together!

I felt fairly productive this weekend:
  • met up with Sara for catching up and her birthday dinner at my favourite thai place (I know it was HER bday, but she told me to choose...)
  • cleaned pretty much everything
  • laundry (even the linens and nasty food in the fridge!)
  • all my pre-winter gardening done (well, almost all - I got the bulbs and the perennials in the ground and that's pretty damn good)
  • made apple crisp
  • made my lunch for tomorrow
  • dishes, and lots of them
  • went to Home Depot to get the latest door catalogue
  • biked to work to pick up the stucco colour pamphlet and just HAD to stay for my morning Starbucks. They recognize me. I love that. They asked me where my cup was.
  • I drank my london fog while reading a work-related article I've been meaning to get to
  • did my grocery shopping
  • got my bike fixed (for free! I love my bike guy!)
  • rode back downtown for a friend's housewarming party with Sarah
  • talked to my neighbour about house plans
  • talked to my sister and updated her on everything
  • even did a little reading

How great is all of that?

I love getting stuff DONE. And having fun while doing it. More of that, please!

Turned my clocks back and, yes, I'm exhausted, so off I go.

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