Sunday, November 25, 2007

Woodstoves, tea and cats on laps

This is largely what my weekend consisted of: sitting by the woodstove, my feet propped up, reading MoneySense magazine, drinking a cup of tea with a cat curled up on my lap.

Seriously, there isn't much that could be better than that.

And I suppose if that's all I did, I mightn't feel as good about my weekend as I do. I also managed to:
  • eat out with my parents
  • get some branches of my overzealous tree chopped down
  • get to Home Depot to cost out some reno options
  • fix my watch, helped my mom with Christmas shopping (shopping without spending money... isn't it the best?)
  • check out a new coffee shop in a little town to see my friend's photo exhibit, chat and catch up with friends there
  • listen to an acoustic version of some of my favourite live music
  • watch a cheesey ridiculous local theatre show
  • ice skate at the local rink
  • tour the local historical arts centre.
And, as I mentioned, sit in front of the woodstove with tea, a magazine and a curled up cat.

And now I'm on to more unsavoury tasks: financial spreadsheeting, website updates (if I'm lucky) and cooking or cleaning or some such mundane task.

I had such a nice weekend, looking out at the gorgeous winter wonderland in the country. And next weekend maybe I'll start getting in the Christmas spirit with some Christmas baking and decorating.

Assuming I still live in my house.

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