Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Garden

Garden - the AFTER shot
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You know what I like about my garden?

Yes, OK, it's kind of cute (albeit sparse) and it's teaching me about all sorts of laws about soil and sun exposure and moisture levels and seasonal changes and even design.

And yes, I don't have to mow it, but really I think I spend MORE time on my garden than I ever did on my lawn. But, sure, it's more environmentally friendly.

What like best is when it's late and it's raining and I'm making my lunch and I need an onion some herbs for my pasta salad and I just go out and snip, pull, there I have it in my kitchen, my spreader onions, garlic chives and summer savoury, contributing fresh yumminess when I need it. Green and flavourful in my mouth today, making me feel proud of the otherwise boring leftovers in my cupboards.

Instead of padding the back pockets of the big grocery chains, I'm working my own slightly deficient soil. (I learned this weekend at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair that farmers are getting paid much much less today than ever before for their produce. Sad story. Long live the farmer's markets!)

It gave me an immense sense of satisfaction to harvest the fruist of my own labours. And next year, I'm expanding into tomatoes and garlic!

(Any recommendations for what grows well in sandy soil that gets only partial sun?)

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