Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I just had my first trick-or-treaters: two little girls in princess costumes!

I still get excited about giving out candy -- it is, afterall, only my second year at it. This year, since I'm in the middle of renovations, I don't have a porch light. So I just hope that people see the light on in the front room and me at my computer and realize there is way too much candy in here.

To be honest, since I was a little late buying candy, I had to buy the good stuff -- the stuff I don't like was no longer on the shelves. That was my trick last year: buy stuff that kids like, but that I don't. Worked like a charm!

And this year? I've already eaten all of the Reece peanut butter cups. Boo Cathy!

On the other hand, I did manage to help carve a really cool pumpkin at work today. Ours was a pumpkin hamburger, similar to the one in this picture, although our "patty" was made up of pumpkin innards.

We reduced, reused, recycled: took inedible cheese, lettuce and tomatoes from our fridges. And ours of course had the company branding on it. Genius!

Um, except for the fact that someone else had the same sort of idea. Oops.

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