Monday, October 01, 2007


So how many of you out there at cake for breakfast, lunch AND dinner?

Hmm? Anyone?

Apparently, I'm the winner of the cake eating contest. Chumps. I'm the champion of cake!

It's been a long day and was a long long night of working working working and should have been a longer day yesterday of still more work. Because I'm still working. And will be working long into the night, I suspect. (Yes, this is an English exercise in verb tenses.)

Does cake and tea make you feel creative or just jittery/giddy? I'm hoping energized and inspired. I have much to write and much technology to work my brain through.

Thankfully, I had SOME time this weekend to enjoy the better things in life. I won tickets to the Ferocious Beauty: Genome multimedia dance show on Thursday. It was interesting, although I feel there was some unifying narrative missing there. And on Saturday night, I went to Sharon's birthday get-together where we played the Wii (Sarah kicked my ass in bowling but I shone in tennis), ate yummy gorgonzola-pear tarts and chicken satay, and then went out for Nuit Blanche.

Sunday, I rode my bike downtown to grab up the last of the New Pornographers concert tickets
and then hung out on the Little Italy Starbucks patio, having discovered an old friend sitting there, soaking up the Indian Summer sun. I got back on my bike and got as far as Church and Wellesley before I stopped at another Starbucks that still had some sun on its tables. I had my writing out (work writing not the super-fun stuff). But everyone there is so friendly and wants to talk to you. So I met a bunch of people, including Daisy the lazy cute dog and a street kid who grabbed my neighbour's drink right off the table. YOINK! Crazy.

Then I headed home with my book open, my pen poised, I fell asleep on my front porch. And woke up just in time to head to Allen's on the Danforth for Sarah's birthday dinner. Mm! And good company, fine conversation. And Guiness cake?!

Certainly that started my cake trend: it was the last thing I ate last night, first thing this morning, and possibly the last thing I eat tonight again. And maybe I will save some for breakfast for tomorrow.

I am such a model of healthy eating.
All hail cake!

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Anonymous said...

DAMN wish I'd had some cake was my birthday ...I SHOULD have had cake