Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cathy & Michael

Cathy & Michael
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... At Web of Change. Meet my friend Michael.

Interesting that this conference has led to an increase in workload.

After a morning of episodes of Voyager, a nice long conversation with my sister in Calgary and wading through my bills, I'm starting to get back to the task at hand: writing up some stories from this conference.

But first there were a couple of interesting emails to respond to. It gets me thinking, but it's scary how much time this can eat up. Checking out various people's blogs. Looking up Flickr photos. Joining the Facebook communities and email discussions.

It's all a bit crazy.

Especially when it's such a nice day outside and I really want to get to Starbucks and start writing.

Amazing that this is so hard for me. I should have known: if I have to write, I never want to. So I have to get into the mindspace and remember why I WANT to write about this. Find the passion for it again, find the story that I want to tell.

How people are using technology to change the world. It's a dream that I want to be part of. But something I also feel a bit apprehensive about as I see so many people doing it so misguidedly. It makes me not want to make the same mistake.

And do we know how much I hate making mistakes? A lot.

And now to Starbucks and from there, Nuit Blanche.

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