Sunday, September 16, 2007


I arrived last night, late but managed to stay up late enough that I slept in sufficiently this morning and am now on Pacific Time.

I still work up early enough -- but 7am is pretty normal for me. And the baby had already woken up anyway. Heather slept in. But she got up before Steve took the dog for its haircut and brought us back Starbucks. As you may imagine, I have warmed to him very quickly. I even confessed that I loved him when he presented me with my london fog.

I'd never been to Granville Island before, so we headed there. And, after battling for a parking spot, probably got there around 1pm or so and stayed until about 4pm. Very cute place. Kind of reminds me of a Distillery District only with more stores. I even bought myself a little something at a cute shop. I wouldn't mind going back as we didn't get to all the stores. And we did eat some yummy blueberry pie. But I think I'd like to try their banana cream pie next...

We got invited for dinner to one of Steve's friends' house in West Vancouver, which is quite a chichi area, apparently. So we went there and I met his really nice friends and we had a lovely evening.

Now they're all in bed and I'm looking up options for tomorrow's kind of rainy weather. (And trying to solve some technical problems that I'm having with my work laptop...) But I'm fading fast.

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