Monday, November 06, 2006

Tonight, after work, on my way to get my bike from the bike room, I found myself singing Christmas carols.

OH, but I am EXCITED already!

I think it's that I'm organizing the MaRS Christmas party. It totally puts me in the mood...

I was also looking at holiday recipes at my parents' house on the weekend. I love going there - I get away from the stress of my house, catch up on my magazine reading, get fed, have warm, comforting cats sit on me, demanding to be petted, and drink warm decaf beverages.

Really, what could be better? Aside from Christmas of course?

This time, I had brought home a bunch of clothes that I wanted to give away because I never wear them. And then I had a brainwave: Mom and I could alter the clothes to make them cool again! So we made my that's-so-2000 bell-bottom jeans into straight legs. And PRESTO! I have hot new jeans! We also tailored a velvet jacket that was way too boxy to be flattering. Mom made darts in all the right places and I wore it at work today and felt very cool.

YAY for new refurbished clothes!

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