Monday, November 20, 2006

Busy day!

It started out just grand, though... riding along Bloor Street and my entire pedal pops off. Grr. Let me tell you, you cannot ride a bike with only one pedal. So I used my bike like a scooter to get the rest of the way to work. You're not even allowed on the subway with your bike at that time of day, even if you COULD smash yourself into the crowded car in some way.

Anyway, at work, I had two emergency tasks that had to get done, someone who comes up to me with a lame excuse for not doing their blog (seriously, stop with the lame excuses! At some point there is NO excuse) and then my designer unapologetically ditches a meeting with me. Yet another.

Here's another thing I hate: when people ignore me.

I'll give you a hint: if I send you a meeting request, it's because I really need to meet with you. And I will NOT waste your time. Please do not waste mine.

Seriously: unapologetic!?

GRR. By the time he strolled into the office, I had to be off for a lunch meeting, which the designer seemed very surprised to learn. He was 45 minutes late. At least my lunch was very pleasant. Mexican food. Mmm, enchilada with tomatillo sauce!

Back to the office for another quick look at emergency emails and then into another meeting. Productive meeting. On time. YES.

Then another meeting directly after. On time. DOUBLE YES.

Then back to my desk to deal with the final emergency emails and find out that an email newsletter was sent out with significant errors. Unfortunate. But not much I can do about something that's already been sent out.

A few last minute items that needed to be taken care of as a result of my meetings earlier and I'm already late for meeting with Anita at my house. At least I call to warn her and say I'm sorry ahead of time.

When I arrive, she's waiting for me on my deck. Oi, I hate that I made her wait!
I make her dinner, we talk. We eat. We work on her website concept. We talk about her new house and her upcoming wedding.

Very exciting!

And now before dashing off to bed, I must jot a few notes in my blog, do some research on hiring a contractor to take a look at our attic (we have vermiculite insulation that I'm not supposed to "disturb" -- does that mean I can't lay OTHER insulation on top of it?) and make a few changes to my own site as a way of testing features that I want to use on other sites I'm working on.

And then it's time to turn my brain off to do it all over again tomorrow.

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