Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i want to ride my bicycle

Tonight I rode my bike home through the fog.

Stopped at the Food Basics to pick up some cheap groceries and rode up the ridiculously steep hill on Jones as I made my way home with several pounds of frozen chicken on my back.

Apparently, cyclists are the happiest commuters - at least, according to a Stats Can study. Many of us feel that it's the best part of our day.

And am I one of these happy cyclists?

I certainly do prefer the bike to wrestling amongst the rude people in public transportation. What I don't like is the traffic that doesn't know how to deal with cyclists. I don't like the stress. And I don't like the cold.

But sometimes, every so often, when I'm riding around, I find a quiet street that smells of autumn leaves and I slow down to enjoy it and it really is the best part of my day.

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