Thursday, November 30, 2006

~ puts on Domestic Goddess hat ~

Goodness - HBC is having an awesome sale on high quality sheet sets. (Thanks Sara, for letting me know!)

You may know that I'm asking for awesome sheets for Christmas. Check out my Christmas list here:

So, I'm looking at these ones:
  • Lifestyle Linens Queen Size Sheet Set by Millano (White)
    400-thread count 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets
    Product No.: 53973251
  • Millano 1000-Thread Count Sheet Set – Queen (White)
    Product No.: 53974739

OK, maybe not the second - that's too much for a set of sheets that will likely get stained in about a month.

Anyway, the dilemma is: do I get the sheets even though they're on my Christmas list and maybe some has already bought them or they want to buy them for me? And maybe they'll be able to get a better colour (is white really practical? I just realized they have a weird design on them - do I really want that?).

I suppose I could always bring them back if I don't open them.

Also, they don't have any double sheet sets - boo! I actually sleep in the double bed now (though that's probably too much information) so should I really be concerned with getting queen sheets?



Anonymous said...

Maybe for now, get a 1000-threadcount duvet cover for your duvet (I assume it's Queen sized.) That's a good compromise - and then you can get the sheets next year! Just an idea.
I just got 660 threadcount sheets for $89 at Winners and they rock. My indulgence: a silk-filled duvet. So warm. So skinny. So awesome!

Unknown said...

Last night, on my way home from your house, Tree, I rediscovered Beddington's. I found out that there are many great sheet set deals out there.

I found some chocolate brown queen sized ones for $50 or so and was tempted.

But I decided to hold off for now.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Beddingtons. Also worth checking out across the street is Linen Barn - they're moving and lots of things are on sale! They also have a location just north of the Capitol theatre. Also there is a great place around Queen & Spadina called Dreams.